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York 10th November or Huddersfield 11 th November

Roger Patterson, who owns and manages Dave Cushman’s famous beekeeping website, is coming to Yorkshire across 2 dates in November, to spend a full day with YBKA members, talking on the subject of Bee Improvement. To include assessment of colonies, recording positive characteristics, bee breeding and queen rearing techniques. The event is suitable for beginners and experienced beekeepers.

All day events in both York and Huddersfield are aimed at encouraging all beekeepers to improve their bees. The purpose is to help all beekeepers to continuously assess their colonies, so they have a good idea of which queens to cull, and which colonies to take queen cells from when they need new queens. There will be tuition on how to raise queens using queen cells that bees often present us with during the summer, as well as some simple “artificial” techniques that may be suitable for the more advanced beekeeper, or those working in groups.

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The association library is available to all WPBKA members, books are on a short term loan basis and are kept at the Walton Golf Driving Range and can be picked up at a winter meeting no charge is made for this service. A list of the books can be downloaded from the Download page.



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